Get Rich With Short Boys


WHO are short boys? … These   are the two spirits chosen by the great fathers (ancestors) to deliver BIG /huge sums of money in to the living.

you sometimes wondered or asked yourself how people who have been poor wake up living a good expensive life, driving luxurious cars, having luxury homes get money from, you have really been thinking about that, well this kind of ritual money is given to anybody who wants to be blessed and believes in ancestral wealth as long as you are willing to comply with the terms and conditions of the money.

What are these terms and conditions?


You are not allowed to involve this kind of money in businesses like selling alcohol, what do I mean by this, no opening up of bars/Traven and clubs however you may drink beers but not allowed to get drunk.

No fish business even if it is import and export. However you are allowed to eat the fish.

NOTE; this is a must to help the poor, the needy, orphans and church if necessary And 10% has to be brought back in person.


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