Protection Spells

Protection Spells Promotion and protection at work place/job. Solve misunderstanding in the homes/families. Solve financial problems and open your luck at Job, Business and everything and take away all the bad luck you’re faced with. Sugar, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Gonorrhea. Education (Make you pass, interviews and exams at all levels) Stop/have divorce, get financial freedom, and Bind your love………

Protection Spells Get back you lost lover in 3 days AND KEEP HIM OR HER TO YOU ALONE, get a quick marriage from the man/woman of your choice, win court cases no matter what crime you committed, and get a child/twins if barren. Know who gets in your bed if you’re not around.

Get protection and property cleansing; get back stolen properties in 2days.  more info and more spells and problem solving.



Protection Spells





Protection Spells FIND A JOB spell.. AND PROTECT AND KEEP IT YOU ALONE NO ONE TO STEAL OR TAKE IT FROM YOU Did you get sucked from your previous job due to lack of good luck or anything? Think no more, with this spell you will be called back or find another more paying job that fits your  needs. Those who need a job for their first time mama’s temple has got so many surprises for you. Get a strong magic wallet, ring and stick that delivers same day same time.

PASS EXAMS AND OTHER INTERVIEWS spell…This goes even to those to be interrogations by the police and layers, this spell will make you pass interview or  and stop being  suspected . Also make you pass your doctorate or any kind of tests/exams your about to face. With mama’s magic stick and magic wallet with a strong powerful ring you’re free and life is a success to you. SAME DAY SAME TIME.

REMOVE BAD DISCHARGE spell …Have you been smelling for so long and you don’t know why? May be you have tried so many medical assistance and you dint get any? Or you have discharge and it pains so badly for long time? Just press an order/appointment and all will be no more.


SPECIALIST IN BRINGING BACK THE LOST LOVER…Bring back your lost lover, make him/her love you the way you want in just 3 days to 14 day or less.




Protection Spells ATTRACTION SPELLS… ATTRACT HIM OR HER TO YOURSELF AND KEEP HIM OR HER TO YOU TO BE YOURS ALONE Get attraction spell that will help you get attracted in people you want to fall in love with. This spell works in also lesbians and gays to have power to just look at any man/woman they have feeling to and get followed by them right away.

FIX BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS…Do you have a relationship that is about to fall? Or you lost your relationship due to your own mistakes and now you do regret a lot and want to have it again, or  someone is lost away from you? This spell is yours.

MAKE MONEY SPELLS…Have you been wondering how people make money, have money and
make money work for them? Have you been straggling so hard to get financially stable and build/buy that house, buy that dream car and owe that amazing business in your life? Think no more this is your spell, a spell that delivers in a very short period of time (0h..Get short boys spirits  deliver to your account or your home in 3days or same day same time), have a magic wallet that  delivers daily and a magic ring that listens every time you command it to deliver.





Protection Spells ATTRACT CUSTOMERS SPELLS…Have you straggled to make it to your expectation with that business of yours but now you open and see no customers or customers come but they don’t buy form you and your wondering what a bad luck you have? This is your spell to make money to no one near you does. With mama’s magic stick, magic egg, miracle perfume, miracle water that brings customers and powerful magic ring to obey your commands every day. BRING BACK LOST PROPERTY SPELL…Your property got stolen and you worked so hard and tiresomely to have it, and now you think you will never have it? Have it back in just 3 to 7days. GET A JOB/HIGHER PAY SPELL…Get interview muthi/spells in form of magic, stick and wallet to help you win favour to the people you meet and your bosses will see you as a number one worker and get unexpected promotions coming with higher pay and keep yourself there

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