Relationship Spells

Relationship Spells

Relationship Spells Most Effective Relation Ending Spells, Of all the relationships you have, love is the most important. It creates bondage with your love partner or spousal partner. But, falling in love with somebody and maintaining a relation are two different things. In order to have a long term relationship, you need to have communication, patience, compromise and forgiveness.

But sometimes you find the lack of tenderness, generosity and mercy in your relationship. Good understanding, sharing, mutual confidence and fidelity are the four pillars of sustained relationship. A good relation sustains if you know the three mantras. The first one is the eyes that would not cry, love that would not lie and the lips that would not die. If these mantras do not work, you have to apply mantra for ending relation.

The following are the reasons for which relations break

  1. Broken Promises

Besides breaking promises, your love partner may resort to cheating, jilting, lying or even stealing. Consequently, distrust and insecurity builds.

  1. Imbalance of Power

If your partner is having more decision-making power, imbalance will creep in, leading to frequent difference of opinion and misunderstanding.

  1. Acceptance of Stereotypes

Your love partner may show monotony of having the same relationship again and again. As a result, he or she may seek love and company of a new friend.

  1. Excessive Jealousy

Suspicion, mistrust and jealousy tear the relation apart.

  1. Unhealthy Physical Behavior

Any behavior that harms you as well as your boy friend is sure to strain the relationship. It may include mental physical and emotional abuse.

  1. Control issues

Relationship will surely be broken if your partner shows signs of obsessive love that may include name-calling, threatening and checking you all the time.

  1. Ineffective Communication


Relationship Spells There is lack of effective communication in sharing your feelings, thoughts, values, opinion, needs, frustration and joys.

If you are subjected to any of the above factors, you must take a decision to break the relation. You should consult an experienced specialist and go in for relation break up Puja.

The following are a few rituals and spells for breaking a love relation.

Black Paper Ash

First of all, you need to know your Zodiac sign. On a black piece of paper, put the signs of Pluto, Moon and Saturn. The signs need to be made at the top of the black paper, with a pen having black ink. Then, on the back side of the paper, with the black pen, draw a pentagon, having five pointed star and upside down.

Write your birth day on one side of the paper and on the other side, write the date of birth of your partner. After this, burn the paper, reciting “Nai-Kam-Mo. Mail the ashes of the paper to the desired person. Repeat this process every week, till the person leaves you.


Relationship Spells Black Candle Spell

Relationship Spells Take a black candle and carve on it, the name of the desired person and the word, “Good Bye”. Put some uncrossing oil on the candle. Place a broken length of fine chain. Then, light the candle and simultaneously say the phrase, “Good Bye” loudly. After the candle has burnt to its half, with its flame, set afire the photo of the desired person.

If you don’t have a photo, burn a piece of paper on which the name of the desired person should be written. Then, put off the candle and collect the ashes. After this, throw the ash and the broken chain at a crossroad in the darkness of the night. For a better effect, you can bury it in a grave yard.

This is also a mantra for ending relationship. You need to have a yellow candle, two sheets of parchment papers and handmade paper green ink. Take two drops of essential rose oil and two drops of sandal wood oil and a piece of jade, green stone or green glass. After casting a circle of resistance, light the yellow candle and repeat this process. Think over that you are allowing your love partner to go away from you.

Write down all your negative feelings with regard to ending of the relationship. Allow your emotions to bleed into the spell, by wailing and grieving. Then, sprinkle the oil over the paper, light the green candle and hold the parchment and glass bead over the flame. Place the glass and the parchment over the flame and allow it to burn down. Throw the whole mess into deep water.

Besides relationship breakup mantra and spell, relationship vashikaran mantra can also help you in getting rid of your unwanted partner. Vashikaran implies controlling the physical and mental state of another person. You should start this process on a Saturn day. You require a new pen with black ink, bathroom tissue and a ballpoint or felt tip.

Write the name of your love partner on a piece of bathroom tissue with the new pen. Also write the word; BEGONE! in Capital letters. After attending to the call of nature, throw the tissue into a commode, close the lid and flush. Repeat this process at every visit to the bath room. So, keep the pen handy. On the tenth day, throw the pen away . The desired person will abruptly leave you of his or her own accord.


Relationship Spells Here is another mantra for ending relationship. Start the process on Friday or Saturday night, during a waning or New Moon. Get some raw meat, a garlic clove, leek and some angelica and tie them together in a cheese cloth, using a black thread. Write letter ‘X’ three times on the outside of the cloth by using dragon’s blood ink.

Toss it onto the lawn of the desired person, saying that he or she should turn his or her heart from you and make a new start. Remember that these are the means by which you can break a relationship. For an effective result, you must search on the internet and find the right person.

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