white magic money candle spell



This is a very strong and powerful Money Spell that will help you in achieving all your goals. You will first need to take a spiritual bath, light 7 candles anointed in sandal oil , once this is done take 30 Rose Petals, on each petal chant these words MOKA PRER MONEY AANA MO. And keep all the petals in your room. Take a small box and keep all the petals in the box. Where ever you go always keep the box with you, it will emit lots of positive energy where ever you will go and will bring lots of money, success and happiness in your life.

It is another strong and effective money spell that can be used in your day to day life. Every day in the morning after 7 when you wake up. Anoint the Candles with Sandal Oil. Then light the candle and chant the words that I will write for you on a piece of paper. Just chant these words 40 times every morning and then start your daily work. You will see that slowly you will feel positive with lots of positive energy around you. All your debts will start banishing; you will start being free of Poverty Life. Money will start drawing closer to you and you will be Debt Free. This powerful Candle Money Spell will bring prosperity and money in your life.